Survivors' Stories

Mercy Relief: Our Inspiration

When disaster strikes, it is easy to see those affected as victims in need. At Mercy Relief, we witness something beyond that. We see people who help one another to rise undefeated, whose tenacity to survive, fight back, and grow defines the indomitable human spirit. Mercy Relief supports this spirit and believes that empowered communities can change their destinies.

We are honoured to work across Asia alongside survivors, whose courage and determination to protect and restore their communities and ways of life motivate our humanitarian work around the region. Meet the people who inspire us–the survivors.

Ibu Hasanah, a salt trader of Pidie Jaya, in the Indonesian province of Aceh, took on the role of managing the community kitchen, during the aftermath of an earthquake on 7 December 2016. Having learned from disasters which have struck in previous years, she ran to higher ground and assessed the situation. Over the next few days, Mercy Relief was heartened to receive the help of people like Ibu Hasanah to provide nutritious meals for the most vulnerable communities at the time–mothers and children.

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In April 2015, Mdm Durga Rana’s world collapsed around her when the Nepal Earthquake struck. With over 8,000 lives lost in the devastation, Mdm Durga considers herself lucky to be alive. Despite losing her home and having to move into a makeshift tent by a jungle, Mdm Durga is determined to continue to provide for her family. Choosing not to wait for handouts, she works tirelessly selling pigeon feed to tourists in Kathmandu’s Durbar Square.

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60-year-old Myanmar flood survivor and widow Mdm Ondama Khatu understood the nutritional importance of vegetables but couldn’t afford them due to lack of income. Determined to have a constant supply of greens for her family, the mother of six spends two hours a day fetching water for her Food Always In The Home (FAITH) garden. Her resilience continues to inspire our work, driving projects like these to help survivors grow their crops once again.

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